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Is your business safe at all?

In the current cyber threat landscape, attacks are way more sophisticated and advanced than ever before. With our suite of custom security solutions, we ensure that your particular business is hardened against the most determined adversaries.

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Our Services

Discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your company’s critical assets are protected by experts in offensive security.

Penetration Testing

In Penetration Testing services we assess your organization’s security posture by detecting as many existing vulnerabilities as possible. We identify these flaws before real attackers can exploit them, providing you with detailed reports and assisting you in the mitigations and compliance.

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Red Team

In the Adversary Simulation services, we will go far beyond traditional testing. Assuming an already mature and secure environment, we emulate any real world threat that’s concerning you. From advanced persistent threats, to ransomware attacks, the goal is to assess your existing security team and infrastructure.

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Managed Security

With our expert team managing your security technologies, we provide you with continuous monitoring and proactive defense of your digital environment. Your IT team will be able to focus again on your core business activities confident that we are safeguarding your digital assets 24/7.

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About Us

We Protect Before They Attack.

At Iglenson Security, our mission is to help businesses increase their cybersecurity maturity level and become more resilient against modern and complex digital threats.
For this purpose, we are dedicated to providing top-tier offensive security services to uncover and mitigate existing vulnerabilities in our customers’  infrastructure and teams, and help them in hardening their environments to prevent further issues.
We also assist our customers in managing the security solutions in their networks, to ensure a 24/7 coverage of all the incidents that arise and thus allowing our clients to operate with confidence.
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Certified Professionals

Our experts are skilled offensive security specialists who possess the knowledge, experience, and certifications necessary to deliver top-notch services in order to properly assess and harden our customers’ environments.

They undergo rigorous training and hold industry-recognized certifications, and also continuously pursue ongoing education and training to stay abreast of all the new cybersecurity vulnerabilities, threats and techniques that arise day after day.

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Oscp, Crto

Some of the best known certifications our team holds are the Offensive Security Certified Professional and Certified Red Team Operator, guaranteeing expertise and commitment to safeguarding your systems.


With our extensive knowledge and know-how in offensive security, we are equipped to deliver effective solutions that meet your unique needs, without pre-made service packages and solutions. Every service is tailored for you.